Friday, April 16, 2010

You Sexy Mother Philosophy!

You Sexy Mother is the title of a self-help book for mothers that I'm reading at the moment. The book's author, Jodie-Henley-Ward, was inspired to keep a diary after the arrival of her daughter and so the book was born. Subtitled 'a life changing approach to motherhood', the book takes mothers on a spiritual journey that exorcises the stereotypical tired, self-sacrificing mum and replaces her with a happier and more vibrant version of herself. This book gives great insight on how to bring back the spark of your former self while embracing your new role as a mother. I'd recommend this book to any mother who feels like she's starting to lose her identity. It's an inspiring read and one that's easy to put into practice for all mothers who want to lead a healthy and more fulfilling life. Look out for Jodie's follow up book You Sexy Mother: The Journal, a workbook to bring about positive change in the life of mothers, out in bookstores soon.