Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The sneezy season.

It's official, we're all getting sick.
If one of us gets sick during the sneezy season it spreads through our house like wildfire.
My daughter and I had our flu shot one week ago, so I was feeling quite smug that we hadn't yet caught the dreaded cold and we were immune to this year's flu.
Unfortunately today my daughter has a sky high temperature, a cough and a sore throat.
The poor thing ate ice-cream for dinner - not that she was complaining.
The thing I dislike most about this time of year is not the bugs that float around but the people. You know the ones who play the martyr by 'getting on with it' and as a result graciously share their disease.
Our doctor said this is one of the worst flu seasons she's seen, but where is the hyperbole in the media? No front page story about the dangers of flu season? No continuous television reports on the perils of this season's super flu?
I for one am glad we've been vaccinated against the flu - it's one less thing to worry about while walking the sneezy streets this winter.