A love of the printed word led to my love affair with the media. I like to read the news, not watch it. It's this obsession with words that was the catalyst for an unhealthy relationship with writing. 

If I'm not writing I'm thinking about writing and and much as it pains me to admit it (shame) sometimes I read the dictionary just to learn new, obscure words that no sane person would ever use in conversation. My screensaver has a new word floating across it every day - anyhow, you get the point. 

So journalism was a natural progression after I left university. However, I was lured by the dark side and began my career as an advertising copywriter with News Limited (gasp!). I sat on the dark side of a company that housed many serious light-side professionals. 

I was determined to see this light side. Was it truly as glorious as it sounded - all bright, shiny and full of nobel causes? So I left my post to begin sub-editing and eventually I was writing features for magazines. All of a sudden I had seen the light. 

....I'd like to say I lived happily ever after. But sometimes I do still dabble in the dark side just for the thrill of it. 


Haley's features have been published in Madison, Practical Parenting, Good Health and My Child magazines. She's a full-time mum to two small children and a part-time freelance feature writer. See the Portfolio page for a sample of her published work.