Thursday, September 2, 2010

an unexpected gift

Archangel Chamuel - spiritual love
Today I received a beautiful and unexpected gift from a girl I've never met in person. We've become friends through our mutual love of blogging and have shared our frustrations, confusions, thoughts and more recently, joy!

This thoughtful gift, Archangel Chamuel, is small in size but powerful in its ability to shift my mindset to one of positivity and faith.

If you've never heard of Archangel Chamuel, he is one who manifests love, compassion, mercy, creativity and forgiveness. This lovely token is also represented by the stone Unakite, offering balance, perspective, self-worth, vision and fertility.

They say it's the kindness of strangers that restores our faith in people and has the power to knock us for six - now I understand why.

Thank-you Ash. x


  1. I'm so glad you like your little angel. May all its powers get to work for you! x