Wednesday, April 10, 2013

these precious moments

Technology, and more specifically social media, almost robbed us of one of life's precious moments just the other day. It all happened so innocently too. It was a Sunday morning so we weren't in a hurry to be anywhere or do anything important. My daughter was sitting playing with some toys and my five-month-old son was getting acquainted with his new jump activity centre.

Now until today the activity centre was just something we thought he'd grow into as his enthusiasm for it wasn't mind blowing. Then, without warning, he seemed to really get the hang of this Jump n Gym, because he was bouncing from one foot to the other, giggling like it was the most fun he'd ever had in his entire life.

So I jumped up, rushed for my iPhone, which unsurprisingly was right beside me, admittedly hiding under a cushion, and captured the whole jovial experience on film. Of course, I then hit 'share', as you do, so my plethora of Facebook 'friends' could also enjoy to their heart's content.

Now this is where it gets a bit scary. So if you're a social media junkie, you might want to stop reading now and live in blissful denial. You see, at the same time my son was discovering the true joy of jumping, my husband was glued to his mobile phone, on Facebook as it turns out (unsurprisingly).

So when he sees his son pop up in his news feed, he's delighted and hits play. He even discusses with me how clever our son is and perhaps even advanced for his age (LOL), not for one moment taking his eyes of his phone.

It took a few seconds for me to realise the moment was happening in real time, right in front of his eyes. "Babe, he's doing it now,"I say half laughing, half absolutely horrified! He looks over at his son, still happily jumping from foot to foot, "Oh, yeah," responds my bemused husband.

It was a funny moment, yes. But it highlighted the fact that our gadgets get in the way of quality family time. Has anything similar ever happened to you? Do you think social media is stealing precious moments from your life?

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  1. I completely agree! I think we're all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, ipads, computers, when - once upon a time - we would have had not other choice but to focus on the moment!