Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogs in honour of babies.

Yesterday I stumbled across an amazing blog dedicated to a baby. It was written in diary form with beautiful photos and heartfelt words that catalogued every precious moment.

The first blog begins with the mother (author of the blog) discovering she is pregnant, right through to the birth and month-by-month accounts of baby's milestones.

I was was flawed by the beauty of this tribute, which will no doubt be a treasure to the baby boy as he grows up.

Recently I submitted an article to a parenting magazine on the emotional health benefits of keeping a diary. Research by leading psychologists pointed to significant increases in happiness and satisfaction with life in those who expressed themselves through words.

Perhaps this is why we blog. I know writing has always been a passion of mine. A pastime that is cathartic in a way that nothing else compares.

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  1. yay, so glad you like it! :) i was never really intending that one to be "public" if you know what i mean... but of course i know it's the internet so... duh. :) but a few people have stumbled across it now. (and i suppose i don't mind people admiring my sweet baby boy. *grin*) but yes, for me writing is so therapeutic. as i became a mom, i had to get extra intentional about it (which is why i started my other blog actually). i know it's good for my mind and my soul... and my sanity. :) hope you have a great week haley!