Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh dear, mondayitus strikes again

What is it with Mondays? I'm always running to catch up with myself.

So today, I'm blogging about being grateful for the excuse of Mondayitus! Isn't it terrific that for one day of every week you can blame every error of judgement, silly comment, over-indulgence and plain and simple laziness on the fact that it's Monday?

I'm telling you, it's because of Monday that I missed yesterday's blog!

Today I'm so grateful for rainy days! We don't see too many of them in Queensland, sunny one day perfect the next and all, and today it's pouring down.

Rainy days are the perfect excuse for sleeping in, drinking hot chocolate with breakfast and drying the clothes in the dryer, instead of the time-consuming line dry!

I really do love rainy days! But more than anything I love a good reason to make an excuse for bad behaviour.

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